Invitation 9. marts 2007

Tidligere bunkemails til venner og bekendte


Invitation to my
60 year birthday party



You and your family are cordially invited to my 60 year birthday in Copenhagen, Denmark on Friday June 1st. 2007.

.....Well, I know very well that you are not going to travel that far just to go to my birthday. So let me say it another way:

If you happen to be "in the neighborhood" or are planning a long distance summer vacation anyway, why not let it be in Europe?
And if so, why not plan it so that you could come around Denmark for at least a few days?


Ghettogether party

It is not going to be only a boring 60-year birthday. Here is what is happening. It is the official oppening of the biggest photo exhibition I have ever had in our biggest exhibition hall Øksnehallen. The exhibition is on racism with all my latest photos on racism in America, in Namibia (of the upper classes against the slums), of the upper classes against the slums in Haiti, of city people against campesinos and Indians in Bolivia and Guatemala, of blacks against the Pygmies in Uganda, of Serbs against the Albanians in Kosovo, of the Ku Klux Klan - and last but not least of the Danes against their Muslim immigrants.

I know only one solution for ending racism. And that is bringing people together. Since Denmark is one of the most segregated and hateful societies in the world right now - remember how we set the whole Muslim world on fire with our Muhammad cartoons and last week even our own streets in Copenhagen with running battles every night - I am using this party to try to bring people a bit together. Most Danes have not a single immigrant friend - and vica versa - as you can see on my pictures of Danish parties here. Thus we are effectively isolating and ghettoizing immigrants - in completely the same way as whites ghettoized blacks when they entered their cities in the American north in great numbers in the 1940's-1960's.

Therefore I will bring an equal number of Muslims and Christians, Danish and immigrant friends, together at my party. There will be a lot of politicians, artists, writers since I have been deeply involved in politics over here in recent years. The whole party will probably last a few days with lots of Kurdish music and danses, speeches etc.

But my idea is also to integrate my European friends with my American friends. Not least some of the people photographed in my book which is so well known over here that they would be received as "larger than life" stars in Copenhagen. My first mugger in Baltimore - the old gangster and Black Panther Alphonso - told me during my USA tour last week that he would come and be a key note speaker. My roommate in New York - Christina Sun - is also coming. She always comes for my parties over here.

So why not YOU?  I write now in good time so you have plenty of time to get a cheap flight, to get a passport.....or perhaps to get out of prison where so many of my American friends are these days.

Right now I just want to hear from you if there is a chance that you might come so I can start planning accomodation etc. over here. Do come at least a couple of days before so you will not have jetlag during the party. And do stay at least a week so that many of us from American Pictures - who have never met each other before - have a chance to make one prolonged party together - out of the fact that I once as a penniless vagabond ended up staying with you and our destinees became somehow tied together.

Unfortunately I can't afford to pay for the airfare of my many poor friends from American Pictures. So I want to discretely ask the few of you who are better-off (or perhaps even rich or with access to foundation money) if you would be interested in sponsoring the trip for one or perhaps just half a person's ticket. Most of the people in my book have never been out of America before. So it could be a once in a lifetime experience for them. Well, just an idea.....

So let me hear right now your initial response to this. We are getting old....and this might be the last time we can party together like this. I really would love to see you.

With Love

Jacob Holdt
Gernersgade 63
1319 Copenhagen K, Denmark
Tel in Denmark: +45 33 124412
Tel in the USA: 212-614-0438  


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