Thanks for American tour 2. marts 2007

Tidligere bunkemails til venner og bekendte





(in the order you appear in the photo link below): 

Christina Sun,  
Ronald Green and wife, 

Jeff and Pamela Berry,  
Sonya Mull,
Howard Thompson,
Cora Rush (my ex-wife Annie Rush' family),
Annie Hazel Colemore (my ex-wife's childhood friend "Toot"),
Carl Overstreet,
Margaret Burkley,
John Watts,
Beryl "Black" Morrison,
Virginia Pate,
Virginia Honore and children and grandchildren,
Valerie Bergman and family,
Robert Jenkins,
Alicia Myers and Deborah Welch,
Inez Wright,
Maryann Westbury,
Tommy Howard,
Mosel Whitley,
Lefus Whitley,
Alphonso Makell,
Ashok Gangadean,
Lela Talley,
.......and university organizers Rose Aycock, Katherine McNamara and Shira Miller

..... who gave us your  hospitality, support and loving help on our tour through the USA this February. On this tour I was mostly trying to keep up with my old friends (from my book) and let Christina Voigt, who had my book from she was 5 years old, meet them.

To all of you I would like to say thanks.  

I am here sending you the pictures I took of you on the trip in a little private online album in case you would like some of them.

You can look at the pictures here: 



Photos from my previous tours in America you can see here:

If you like any of the photos I can send them on a cd. 

(Please let me know if you have received this e-mail as I may have spelled some of your mail adresses wrong). 

With Love

Jacob Holdt
Gernersgade 63
1319 Copenhagen K, Denmark
Tel in Denmark: +45 33 124412
Tel in the USA: 212-614-0438 


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