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Kommentar fra amerikansk udvekslingsstudent
i Nęstved Gymnasium efter mit show den 20-1-2004

American in Denmark thanks

you for the AMAZING show


Hej Jacob

I was at your show nearly 6 hours ago in Nęstved with the group from the gymnasium. I talked to you shortly after the show, but was in no way able to express the impact that you have made upon me. The pictures, music, commentary, and thoughts of your slide show were absolutely amazing and extremely motivating. I have already written home to my friends and family in Northern California and told them about my experience, and all of yours.

I also found your philosophy ( if one can call it that) to be completely refreshing. As I have now been in Denmark for 6 months I feel that I have gotten a pretty good taste of what life is like here. In some ways, such as the government, it is a refreshing change from the US. However, in other ways my ideas on the world and people have been absolutely devastated.

Before coming here I have never witnessed such racism as I have witnessed and observed around me in the past 6 months. I come from a town in California that is half migrant workers from Mexico. This gave me a direct contrast between the US and Denmark and the attitudes that exist towards immigrants. Also I was so surprised to actually hear what Danish people think about immigrants and refugees. I came here as a complete atavist against capitalism, racism, and a promoter of the Dali Lamas philosophy of everyone desires happiness and you will always come to have that in common with everyone you meet. But my morals or philosophy, if you will, have been greatly discouraged as I see the far reaches of these things I have fought to be living here in Denmark. As I am attending the Nęstved Gymnasium in the 2g I am to write a historie opgave. I have chosen to write it on refugees and immigrants in Denmark. If you would like to contribute any more (because you have already contributed so much from your show) to my paper I would love it. Other than that I would just like to thank you for a wonderful uplifting as well as powerfully moving show.


linden Schneider

just can't live that negative way,
make way for the positive day.....


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