Virtual cemetery for Ann Hodge

Ann Hodge outside her home on 5th Ave in New York

Dear Ann 
You were my girlfriend, psychological advisor and psychic hear in the difficult upstart of American Pictures on the East Coast. In those years I drove enormous stretches and was always tired and exhausted, when I came back to New York. But no matter how late it was in the night, you were always standing ready there with warm teas, massage and warm affectionate love. Since I couldn't myself find energy to distribute my book, you offered to take the job as my book distributor. That was to become your death. After what I was later told you were hit by a car on the way to the post office with the books in the spring 1985. I was terribly done in, but for years I felt we continued our communication where ever you were in the hereafter. And my thoughts continues to drift back to you. I miss you!

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