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I was very sheltered
from such atrocities 

Dear Jacob Holdt: 
I am a student at Westminster College, where you recently gave a presentation on the prejudice that still exists in the United States. Before you began your presentation you looked out into the audience and said that we, the students of Westminster College, had a hard night ahead of us because we seemed to be more sheltered than the average American audience. After your opening comment, I was determined to have an open mind and not to represent the sheltered majority the audience was made of. However, as the slides were presented, I was horrified by my country. 

I must admit you were right, I was very sheltered from such atrocities demonstrated in the show. I could not believe such a problem still existed today. I also could not believe the practices of racism which still go on today, and the scars prejudice leaves on its victims. 

Before I came to Westminster I had lived in a "sheltered" suburb of Dallas. I am in fact, a part of the white south, however I do not agree with the prejudice against the underclass. The underclass can be divided into two categories: poor blacks and poor whites. The slide show was an in depth glance at what I have seen bits and pieces of for years. On the outskirts of my secluded "sheltered" neighborhood there are numerous shacks of various colors and styles, but they all are owned by poor blacks. The shacks are very run down and resemble the shacks and poor living conditions seen in the slide show. I believe what really opened my eyes to the problem of prejudice, was being able to go inside these shacks through your photography. 

By watching the slides, I was able to see the insides of these homes and the people who lived there. I realized the outside of these shacks was only a mere framework of the problem, unfortunately the inside was even worse and more depressing than the exterior. Through the slides I could see how the "victims of prejudice in America" live, and how helpless they were. Everyday, the public passes by these bowels and glance out from the corner of their eye but keep on driving to their destination without a second thought. I believe the people who keep driving and ignore the problem known as prejudice, are actually the root of the problem because of their ignorance. 

We, as Americans must stop the prejudice, and a change must take place. For example, we must not ignore or form prejudices towards the less fortunate, and take action to stop this catastrophe and change the way America looks upon the poor. Lastly, I believe one should remember two famous sayings (which were taught along with prejudice, to every young boy or girl)  when one comes in contact with prejudice. First, "Love thy neighbor," and secondly, "Do unto others as you hope they do to you." It seems that the ideas portrayed in these sayings are becoming extinct. What will prejudice take away next? From now on, I will do everything in my power to stop prejudice and aid to its extinction. 

A concerned citizen, 


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