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Dear Jacob Holdt,                                                                       
I want to thank you, but American Pictures, and the workshop you held today affected me in so many ways I don't know where or how to begin. Although I don't feel I came with especially heavy racist baggage, I, like all other white Americans have over packed, and am starting to realize how evasive of the issue speaking of racism in relativistic terms is. It's not a question of how much or how little, or if you can exempt yourself from some of the guilt by comparing yourself to a "true bigot". Your workshop deepened my understanding of this and impressed upon me how important it is to continually confront ourselves with our racism without fear of admitting to it or of actively changing our views.            

I was especially taken with how you've integrated your love of people, and your art. Art, in my eyes, is more than something to color a white wall with. It is a way of seeing, and living. Your way of being, the way you are able to approach yourself and your surroundings so fearlessly, and thus be able to create honest art, simultaneously and more importantly making a difference in people's lives, amazes and inspires me.
I discovered photography last year, in a manner similar to your own commencement as a photographer, during my travels in Europe and Morocco. Although I now try to take photo classes at Cornell, I will be receiving my degree in Human Development and Family Studies. When I tell people that I am studying both psychology and photography they often seem surprised that I am pursuing two areas that differ so much. I don't see any disparity at all, and I can see in your work, that you don't either. They are both motivated by a love and fascination with humanity, and human relations to each other, their idea/ideale, and the physical world. 
Enclosed are two photos I took in Morocco and France. Although they hardly compare to your work, and can't amount to half of what you've given me, I thought it might be nice to "exchange snapshots". Its interesting that in getting to know both peoples I was shocked by the racial tensions between them. I had never been exposed to anti-Arab racism, and could not comprehend the attitude of "those dirty arabs". In France my best friends were Moroccans, and i have never received such love or warmth as I did in Morocco. You mentioned yesterday that you pity anyone who has less than three countries they can call their home. I identify completely with that sentiment. Morocco is my country, I have get to discover another country, or people that i love as much; that intensify every experience I have, that make me feel that I haven't truly been living or feeling before. 

I'm sorry that this letter is so rushed. Sometimes in this institute of "higher learning" we have little time to think, let alone respond! I hope to meet you again, maybe in Denmark as in your introduction, maybe Africa, maybe again in America... Or, if you find yourself in need of an assistant, I'll always be willing, and can be reached at the address at the top of this letter.    
Thank you, Jacob!                                                                      
With love,                 



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