Exhibition "Pray for America" in Gallery V1

Photos by Jacob Holdt

AN EYE FOR AN EYE…. - 00092
AN EYE FOR AN EYE….      -      00092
When I lived with this 15-year-old boy Willy Hurt and his mother in Richmond, his 13-year-old brother lay in the hospital, hit in a gang fight by Willy’s bullet, which penetrated his eyes and blinded him. Nevertheless, I followed the 15-year-old in the streets two days after the tragedy on his new expeditions. I saw him go through the same youthful anger as so many other ghettoized children – so similar to the Muslim European youth today. He later spent 16 years in prison but has since been a hardworking church going family father. - - - 210 B E 12 St, Richmond, VA – October 1975