Christina Sun's account of the WTC-tragedy

Tilbage til min virtuelle kirkegård   

Oh, Jacob, it is so terrible.....

we are ok!!!

But the air is now filled with smoke of burning plastic and rubber and

whatnot (bodies??)

We saw the huge fires that consumed both buildings, and then we watched

those towers fall. You can imagine what a view we had of it, and we stood

there, watching in horror. I have it on video here. They are gone, Jacob!

gone! along with thousands of people.

Everywhere, people are on roofs, yelling and crying as more and more of

the towers get destroyed. We are in absolute shock. We do not have clear

water, the supermarket is swamped by people buying water and provisions,

cell phones do not work, the lines for public telephones are blocks long,

and sirens are wailing non stop since days. There are a rumors of a gas

leaks. Unless you have cable, all tv channels are dead.

It is a real shock.

And yet, it is so deceptively beautiful here, full sun! The first day,

thick plumes of smoke blew into Brooklyn, and people there said trees and

cars were covered with grey soot. It was just gorgeous where we are. But

yesterday, the winds changed, and now all of our views are cloudy and the

smell is everywhere, even into far queens. The uptown views are hazed. I

smell this, and think, there is no way anyone trapped underneath will

survive...but they are trying. we hear horror stories after horror

stories. It's so awful...

Yours Christina