Rikke's American trip

with thanks to all you friends who helped us out on my recent tour
....especially during our numerous car break downs!

by Jacob Holdt




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Page 2. Travel pictures chronologically

Waiting in repair place late into the
night after our first out of 5 car breakdowns.


Following the beautiful old Mohawk Trail over the mountains
into New York - a happy photo 3 hours before next break down.

Our first hitchhiker who unlike most of my hitchhikers
was not able to fix the car when it broke down right after.


After our 4th car breakdown in 4 days our mood is -
like Rikke shows it here, waiting a whole day in
a service station in the middle of nowhere - worried!


With our second hitchhiker


With old friend in Louisiana


Friend in Louisiana


In original slave cabin in Louisiana


Being black herself Rikke was deeply moved by
being in a slave cabin for the first time


In between all our ghetto visits we only had time for a one
hour dinner stop in New Orleans even though Rikke had never been to this wonderful city before where as a vagabond I had
sold blood plasma more frequently than in any other city


Dressing up in my car


In the African Museum in Selma. Rikke is part Masai


The famous Edmund Pettus bridge in Selma where Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights marchers were once stopped by the mayor whom I accidentally made friends with on my last trip through Selma. 


On plantation in South Carolina


Picking cotton on plantation


Cotton outside slave cabin


Slave cabins on Boone Hall plantation


In slave cabin


On Southern plantation


Picking strawberries on field where slaves had worked


With the Flag


With Kasele - my friend in DC


Outside the White House
...or reconciliation after our only big fight


After 7.000 miles I dropped Rikke off with friends
in Harlem and flew home.


  Copyright 2003 Jacob Holdt


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