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usa-kkkak02-027 usa-kkkak02-028 usa-kkkak02-029 usa-kkkak02-030
The Klan leader's grandchild
in the rebel flag
The Klan leader's grandchild Pamela and grandchild in front of TV The Klan seen from above
usa-kkkak02-031 usa-kkkak02-032 usa-kkkak02-033 usa-kkkak02-034
Saying prayer before Sunday dinner Saying grace Grand Dragon and her bodyguard's dinner Pamela feeding klan leader's grandchild
usa-kkkak02-035 usa-kkkak02-036 usa-kkkak02-037 usa-kkkak02-038
The Grand Dragon's Sunday dinner Pamela and Dennis at dinner Sunday dinner in Indiana Pamela and Jean with KKK ghost
usa-kkkak02-039 usa-kkkak02-040 usa-kkkak02-041 usa-kkkak02-042
Security person in the Ku Klux Klan Wally's deadly tattoo The Klan man's family tragedy A loving man with hate
usa-kkkak02-043 usa-kkkak02-044 usa-kkkak02-045 usa-kkkak02-046
Klan man reading for his daughter Why Klan man teaches daughter hate Wally and Kathrina Klan man changing diapers

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