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Klan man puts his daughter to bed What are we going to talk about today? Wally and Tania at the klan's talkshow
usa-kkkak02-051 usa-kkkak02-052 usa-kkkak02-053 usa-kkkak02-054
At the Klan's talk show White Power Tania and Wally Love and hate
usa-kkkak02-055 usa-kkkak02-056 usa-kkkak02-057 usa-kkkak03-001
Klan leader's daughter in KKK-dress The Klan leader's daughter The Klan leader's daughter Bearing the cross
usa-kkkak03-002 usa-kkkak03-003 usa-kkkak03-004 usa-kkkak05-001
A black in the home of hate? Klan leader's wife with black friend Black and white together
usa-kkkak05-002 usa-kkkak05-003 usa-kkkak05-004 usa-kkkak05-005

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