Daniel and Lalou Holdt's kinship with

Cynfelyn or Cunobelin

- or Shakespeare's Cymbeline


King of the Trinovantes tribe in Britain from 1-41, also ruled the Catuvellauni tribe from c10 AD. Immortalized by Shakespeare as Cymbeline, Cunobelin was one of the most powerful kings of the pre-Roman British. His rise to fame was rapid and it is possible that he was an exile of the royal court who sought revenge. He first overran the Trinovantes and established his base at Colchester.

By 20 he ruled all of the south-east north and south of the Thames. The power of Cunobelin concerned the Roman emperors Augustus, Tiberius and Caligula, all of whom considered campaigns against him. Cunobelyn may thus be seen as the last great pre-Roman British king.

Dawe's painting above illustrates Act IV of Cymbeline when Belarius, Arviragus and Guiderius return from hunting and discover Imogen, apparently dead. In the play Imogen is still disguised as the boy Fidele, but in the painting Dawe has dressed her as a girl.
At right Imogen seen in the Cave in an engraving made after a painting.

62nd great-grandfather

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