Miltiades III Lakiades
won in Marathon - gave name to marathon

89th great-grandfather


Athenian general who commanded at Marathon. When the Persian enemy arrived at Marathon (490), Miltiades went there to protect Athens from the land side. After a few days’ delay the Persians began the march toward Athens, and Miltiades attacked. He had an infantry that was greatly outnumbered, but the Greek spears and armor outweighed Persian arms. The Athenian center gave way and the wings enveloped the Persians, vanquishing them. The Persians retreated to their ships and set out at once by sea to attack Athens, the army being absent. Perhaps the chief glory of Miltiades was that he brought his army, which had been fighting all day, in a 20-mi (32-km) race back to Athens; in the morning when the Persian fleet arrived off Athens, Miltiades and his army were ready. After the battle Miltiades was given a fleet.

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