Best background articles:

....concerning the choices in the
American election 2004


....on terrorism:

The Arabian Candidate
How terrorists would prefer Bush as their candidate.....

The Battle of the Pump
Thomas Friedman on how Bush has sold out America to Saudi Arabia and helped finance terrorists

Our safety is at greater risk than ever
Middle East expert on how Bush has made the world more dangereous

....on Iraq:

Bagdad Year Zero - Very important article - a must read!!!
On the Bush government pillaging Iraq in pursuit of a neocon utopia

The view from Bagdad
Wall Street Journal reporter Farnaz Fassihi was forced to take a year vacation after sending this now widely circulated e-mail to friends about the real situation in Iraq - the shocking truth which most of the American media refuses to bring Americans

Iraq: Politics or Policy?
Thomas Friedman - initially a supporter of Bush's Iraq policy - on how Bush has betrayed Iraq all the way

Who Lost Iraq?
By making Iraq a playground for right-wing economic theorists, an employment agency for friends and family, and a source of lucrative contracts for corporate donors, the administration did terrorist recruiters a very big favor.  

Can't Bush see that Iraq is about to explode?
On how Bush is deceiving Americans about the real situation in Iraq

Getting Junior's Goat
On how Bush should have followed his father's advice on Iraq: "Stay out"

Growing Pessimism on Iraq
On CIA's gloomy predictions for Iraq

Prewar Assessment on Iraq Saw Chance of Strong Divisions
How Bush was warned by his own intelligence agencies about what would happen in Iraq, if he invaded, but ignored them

Truths Worth Telling
Daniel Ellsberg - famous for leaking the secret Pentagon papers during the Vietnam war in order to save 50.000 American lives - now appealing to government employees to expose Bush's lies in the same way in order to save American lives in Iraq

Iraq May Survive, but the Dream Is Dead
A deeper analysis by an expert on Iraq: "We as a nation pay dearly every day. We fight under the gaze of multitudes in the Arab world who wish us ill, who believe that we are getting our comeuppance."

A Mythic Reality
On the American war psychology

....on the torture of prisoners:

A President Beyond the Law
Anthony Lewis on Bush' torture and killing of prisoners

Beating Specialist Baker
How the army tortured, crippled and almost killed a man in Guantanamo before they realized it was one of their own specialists

Regarding the Torture of Others
Susan Sontag's now famous devastating attacks on the Bush administration's use of torture

....on Health Care:

America's Failing Health
On how America spends more than twice as much on health care than other advanced countries and gets less health for the money.

Health Versus Wealth
On Kerry's Health Plan - largely ignored by the American media

Save money by switching to free universal health care
My own article on how much money Americans could save. While America spends 14% of GNP on health Denmark spends only 6%. The difference could finance the entire American defense budget while saving you so much money that you could afford to go on the same 5 week round-the-world-vacations as average Europeans.
(Figures from 1984 under Reagan's gigantic defense budget!)

....on the growing poverty and inequality:

Four Years of Failure  Very important article - a must read!!!
Nobel Prize winner in Economics Joseph E. Stiglitz on how Bush has wrecked the economy for generations to come

Economic Reality Bites
On how much the poor became poorer under Bush

Dooh Nibor Economics
On how for the great majority of families, the losses from Bush' tax cuts will far outweigh any gain from lower taxes.....80 percent of all families will end up worse off.

Poverty Rate Up 3rd Year In a Row
While George Bush tries to convince America's families that we're turning the corner, under George Bush's watch, America's families are falling further behind

Working for a Pittance
A new study from the Ford and Rockefeller Foundations show that 9.2 million working families in the United States - one out of every four - now earn wages that are so low they are barely able to survive financially.

....on African Americans under Bush:

An Emerging Catastrophe
On how blacks are being crushed under Bush

....on Republican election manipulation:

Felons and the Right to Vote
On how the republicans prevents ex-convicts from voting

How Denying the Vote to Ex-Offenders Undermines Democracy
Perhaps millions will stay away from the polls because they are confused by the law and mistakenly believe that they have lost the right to vote.

The Poll Tax, Updated
New York Times editorial on the Republican suppression of minority votes which has continued because it is perceived as a winning tactic, and because it is rarely punished.

Imagining America if Bush Chose the Supreme Court
How Bush could roll back human rights for the next 40 years.

Block the Vote
On how Republicans cheat all over the country.

....on Bush:

The Orwellian Olsens

Maureen Dowd on Bush' fantasy world: "In Bushworld, our troops go to war and get killed, but you never see the bodies coming home........"

Ignorance isn't Strength
On the political ability of the Bush administration to deny reality - to live in an invented world in which everything is the way officials want it to be - has led to an ongoing disaster in Iraq and looming disaster elsewhere.

Europeans Like Bush Even Less Than Before
"George Bush scares the hell out of me," one Tory said, according to an article by Mr. Osborne in The Spectator. Another told him: "Bush is a man who might wail at the moon. I don't feel comfortable with him."

New York Times endorses John Kerry for President
Editorial about why Kerry is the best man


....on the cruelty of Republicans:

An Inexplicable Vote for Death
On how judges appointed by Bush votes for the death of scientifically proven innocent people

....on the biased media:

Reading the Script
On how the Republicans are largely writing the script in today's American media

....on Homeland Security:

Reporter in chains
Under Homeland Security orders, journalists from England, Sweden, Holland and other friendly countries are being detained at U.S. airports, strip-searched and deported.

The Choice on Liberty
On how Bush has crushed liberty in the name of fighting terrorism.


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