----- 1. maj 2017 -----
1. maj
 Hele dagen (Danmark)
----- 4. maj 2017 -----
København: Dialog om folkemord i Rwanda og Syrien
16:00-20:00 (Ubuntu-huset)
 Revisiting the Never Again, the case of Rwanda and Syria

This year's theme for the 23rd commemoration of the 1994 genocide in Rwanda is
"Remember the Genocide against the Tutsi - Fight Genocide Ideology - Build on Our
Progress”. Every year, the commemoration theme is proposed by the Rwandan
National Commission for the fight against genocide and approved by the Government.
On this occasion and in light of the ongoing tragedy in Syria and elsewhere, the
Embassy of the Republic of Rwanda in collaboration with Crossing Borders are happy to
invite you to a public debate on the “Never Again Pledge” by the international
community following the WW II Holocaust.
The keynote speakers are former President of the UN General Assembly Hon. Mogens
Lykketoft, the Rwandan Researcher on Genocide Mr. Tom Ndahiro and the Syrian
Human Rights Activist Noura Albittar Søborg.

14-16: Preparing the venue and IT
16.00: Welcome music with Moussa Diallo
16.10: Welcome remarks by Garba Diallo and H.E Ambassador Christine
16.20: Keynote speech by Hon. Mogens Lykketoft, MP, former President of the UN
General Assembly, and Speaker of the Danish Parliament
16.45: Short documentary film on the 1994 Genocide in Rwanda "When Good
men Do Nothing"'
17.00: Expert keynote speech by Tom Ndahiro, a Rwandan researcher and
scholar—specializes on genocide ideology and genocide denial. Mr. Ndahiro is the
author of ‘The Friends of the Evil.
17.30: Keynote by the Syrian Human Rights activist Noura Albittar Søborg
17.50: coffee break
18.05: Panel debate on the Never Again pledge within the principles of the
Responsibility to Protect Human Rights
18.30 Reception and networking
19. 30 Closing remarks
----- 11. maj 2017 -----
Rejse til Jordan
11. maj-16. maj
----- 12. maj 2017 -----
Store bededag
 Hele dagen (Danmark)
----- 17. maj 2017 -----
Interview i Ubuntu
16:00-18:00 (Ubuntu Huset)
----- 18. maj 2017 -----
København: Foredrag "Om at sige ja"
09:00-14:00 (For Vordingborg gymnasium i Ubuntu-huset)
 Arr. Sille Gyllenborg <sill2015@ngh.nu>
----- 25. maj 2017 -----
Kristi himmelfartsdag
 Hele dagen (Danmark)
----- 28. maj 2017 -----
DR K: "Jacob Holdt: Mit liv i billeder"
21:00-22:30 (DR K)
----- 29. maj 2017 -----
Morgenløb med Lars Løkke
07:30-09:30 (Marienborg)
 Marienborg, Nybrovej 410, 2800 Kongens Lyngby

7.30: Klar til løb, 5,5 km. i roligt tempo rundt om Lyngby sø
8.10: Morgenmad på Marienborg
9.30: Arrangementet forventes afsluttet
Møde om 50 året for 6-dages krigen og bosættelserne/besættelserne
17:00-21:00 (Ubuntu-Huset)
 50 året for 6-dages krigen og bosættelserne/besættelserne