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Roots of oppression


Dear friends

I would like your feedback and criticism as the work on my new book here progresses. When I - over here from Denmark - followed the Black Lives Matter protests last year, I felt I couldn't just sit idle in my Corona lock down. I also felt that many of these young protesters, who focused mainly on the killings by police, did not know enough about the underlying historical roots driving much of today's righteous anger. Many good books have been written about it by black authors, but to my knowledge not any yet with pictures.

Since I have 22.000 photos in my archives from almost 50 years of traveling in the black community, I therefore got the idea to try to make a visual book which hopefully can be used as further inspiration for the movement. A book about the "roots of the oppression" I personally have witnessed since I came to America about 5 years after the triumph of the Civil Rights movement.
Since I feel it has to be made fast now, I decided to use the layout of my old long out-of-print book, "American Pictures" (you can down load here for comparrison). It was never really published in America, only printed and sold by myself at my university lectures.
To begin with I have myself set up the photos in InDesign and google translated much of the Danish texts I had already - not least about my more recent work with the Ku Klux Klan and other hate groups. Later a publisher and my V1 Gallery in Copenhagen, which has sold many of my photos as art, will go through it all with more professional eyes. Since I have had many art exhibitions all over Europe, one idea is to try to combine the best of my "art photos" on whole page size with a more political coffe table book with smaller photos and text.

All movements quickly die out, I learned from all the ones I joined in the past, so therefore I want the book to come out fast - if concerned people think it can be usefull. So before I offer it to a publisher, I need your help. If you are good at editing, then feel free to edit the text. If you are visual, then come with ideas to how the photos can be placed better. I wish many of them could be bigger, but the book is already 100 pages longer than the old book - even before I have written the afterword about how my friends are doing today etc. And a chapter about the family of mass murderers of blacks, I have photographed for 20 years (to be included right after the KKK chapters in "the roots of hate").
Further down on this page I will discuss some of the questions I have to the layout and text of the book, but here you can see it in its present form. Most of you, whom I send this to, know and for the most part support my ideas and thinking. Now we just have to translate them effectively to Trump/Bidens new America. So I hope you will help.

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Text without photos in Word
This is the easiest and best way to edit/correct text if you have longer suggestions. Last updated and uploaded  Jan. 25th 2021. If so you can also sign on and edit directly here in Google Docs.

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With love
Jacob Holdt
jacob@holdt.us or +45-20-324412

Possible back cover which in the end will be decided by a publisher

To discuss my questions to you regarding the text, go her.

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