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Roots of oppression

Printing offer from my Danish printer

Offer T45260- 1 to Jacob Holdt    (Google translated from Danish)
Dated June 22, 2021
Their ref.
Seller Leif Hansen
Project manager

We have gratefully received your inquiry, and hereby have the pleasure to offer:
American Pictures
Circulation: 2,000 pcs.
Format (wxh): 202 x 240 mm. high format  ( 7.952 x 9.448 inches)
We receive: Print-ready PDF file
We supply: Ripped PDF for approval
Sheets, paper, printing as well as bookbinding and delivery
Scope: Contents: 448 pages + Cover with 170 mm. flapper
Colors: Content: 4 + 4 CMYK
Cover 4-winged: 4 + 0 CMYK + Matt caching
Paper: Contents: 130g Coated Silk
Cover 4-winged: 235g Cardboard 1 / s FSC
Finishing: Yarn stitch with 4 buckets and side glue
Packing: Packed loosely on pallet
Delivery: Free delivery 1 address DK to boat or plane.
Delivery time: By appointment
Note: Any corrections in received documents will be charged
After time and material consumption have elapsed.

For 2,000 copies  448 pages + 4  "Roots of oppression"  =  103,036.00 DKr  ($16.471,79)
Price for following 100  =  2,717.00 DKr  ($434,35)

NOTE Up to size 215 x 260 mm. free of charge  (8.464 x 10.236 inches)

We point out that the prices are current daily prices excl. VAT   (no VAT for export to USA)
Payment terms: 0 days
The invoice amount is added 1% in environmental and energy tax.
Terms of sale and delivery, here reference is made to www.specialtrykkerietarco.dk
If you want further information, you are of course always welcome to contact us.

Yours sincerely
The special printing company Arco
Leif Hansen

Gemsevej 4, 7800 Skive T +45 96 16 52 00 / +45 86 62 40 33 CVR-nr. 43 24 06 17

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