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Fighting so-called hate crimes with hate is a real crime

Chapter 23


Unable to attack the real targets of their frustration, white anger often turns to racial violence. Such bitterness caused poor whites to lynch more than 5000 blacks in official lynchings and thousands more in unofficial violence.


The lynchings continue under different forms today, but naturally I have only seen the results. Derrick Johnson, whose parents I came to know, was only 15 years old when he walked into a poor white neighborhood in New York.


White parents usually instill fear and racism in their children with more guilt and subtlety, but here they openly shouted "Kill the nigger" and "Kill the bastard" - and the children got him with baseball bats in broad daylight.


When police questioned people in this poor neighborhood, no one would give any information. It was in this poor neighborhood.


The narrow-mindedness of embittered whites often leads to totalitarian outlooks. To fight oppression effectively it is important that we always try to make friends with those most at risk.


My Nazi friend here had first joined the communists, but realized that they want black equality and then went to the Nazis, who say whites are superior to blacks and that they will "send all niggers back to Africa."


While the Nazis thus adhere to the general Northern desire of making the Negro invisible, the Ku Klux Klan with its strong southern basis does not want to get rid of the blacks, only to keep them in their place. However, I find few of my Nazi and Klan friends actually believing in their own hollow rethoric.


With their crushed self-esteem I find the Nazis along with the Ku Klux Klan - both in Europe and America - the easiest and by far most important white racists to befriend and embrace as individuals. Yet - instead of helping them out of their pain (usually mistaken for hatred) - most of us naively end up fighting them with real hatred - thereby entrenching and ghettoizing them forever in attitudes which otherwise could have been short youthful outburst's of anger.


How easy it is to change them I saw when I picked up a hitchhiking Klan member. After talking with him about his painful memories of incest in childhood - which I have found common in most of my Klan friends - he ended up betraying the Ku Klux Klan by taking me to a secret cross burning.


Hiding myself in a white robe gave me a great chance to share their narrow, fearful outlook - and see how the police cooperated with them, disarming nearby blacks, but not the Klan members with sub-machine guns. At one of their religious cross burning ceremonies I taped this speech:

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