The scream from those we dispose of

Chapter 35




When love is made a sales item in "disposable society" and all our humanity is sold out, we faintly see the dark hole in our soul from which the ghetto is made.



In my vagabonding in the world's most disposable system I constantly tried to distinguish the human beings from the system in which they lived. Was the warmth and openness I received as an immigrant in America a genuine American characteristic or had their market system given the population a superficial hospitality - a need for a short non-committal disposable friendship?



Yet to be disposed of after use was in any case preferable to the human coldness I had known in Europe, which would never have given a vagabond or an immigrant a real chance. This I wrote in 1984 before we in Denmark started forcing our own immigrants into ghettos. Today - after 9/11 - our shared growing insecurity and fear of the future leaves a deep accumulating pain which is rapidly changing the world scene.



Never before in history have we been so actively involved in forcing so many people into ghettos. What took 500 years in Europe to accomplish with the Jews we have in only a couple of decades achieved there with millions of Muslims. Ghettoization eventually leads to ethnic cleansings as we have seen in ex-Yugoslavia, Turkey, Africa, India and South East Asia. Only Thailand seems to stand alone in assimilating its Chinese minority and avoiding the holocaust which followed their ghettoization in all neighboring countries.



But nowhere in the world has a minority been so ghettoized as the blacks are in America. While America stands out as an admirable model for its loving welcome to immigrants, we should not forget that these immigrants almost all end up on the white side of American apartheid, causing further oppression of blacks.



In many cities such as Detroit and Chicago up to 94% of blacks are now ostracized in all-black neighborhoods - against their own choice.



Disposable society, backyard dumping both things and human beings, has killed love by isolating and alienating enormous population groups from each other. But it cannot strangulate the scream of pain and emptiness from those who are disposed of the scream from the underground which can be read everywhere in the ghetto and the subway:



I am, I said,
to no one there.



And no one heard at all...
I am, I cried!



And I am lost and I can't even say why
.. leaving me lonely still....



Vanessa on this photo later committed
suicide by jumping out a 5th floor window

I've got an emptiness deep inside,
and I tried, but it won't let me go.



And I'm not a man who likes to swear,



but I've never cared for the sound of being alone...






And I am lost and can't even say why...



Leaving me lonely still ......