Welfare mothers in no state of welfare

Chapter 46




Where the European welfare state respects the dignity of the individual, the American "disposable society" deliberately tries to destroy it with a network of spies to infiltrate the privacy of people who are on what Americans ironically call "welfare." Throughout history the system has tried to destroy the black family. The tradition of "selling away" husbands and wives and children from each other in slavery continues.



The welfare department in its zealous distrust of the poor creates beggars instead of participants and destroys initiative. Acting as both paternal caring master and infernal cruel overseer many black fathers have been forced to leave home so that their wives could get welfare since Congress ordered welfare for mothers cut off if a man was present.



Millions of women thus live in loneliness and utter poverty, for although the law is no longer on the books it is still the brutal practice, shown in the fact that only one out of 20 welfare families include men although more than 50% of underclass men are unemployed.



In this way has been created a special class called the black "welfare mother," who fares far from well in a vicious circle of poverty, dependence, fear and especially humiliation. Although most people on welfare are white she is blamed for getting on the welfare rolls by having been "promiscuous." 

An incredible charge since it was my clear observation as well as the conclusion of several studies that whites, among their other privileges, are far more "promiscuous" than blacks, with the higher number of illegitimate black children pointing out that much more strongly the ghetto's unequal access to contraception, abortion "shotgun" marriages (which would be futile with unemployed men) and adoptions.



Cruelty to these stigmatized mothers originates in politicians' hysterical speeches about "welfare loafers," speeches designed to distract attention from the way these same politicians hand out billions in welfare to billionaires for oil depletion, agribusiness subsidies, etc.



They create a climate in which the poor have to run the gauntlet of elaborate, lengthy, demeaning investigations and follow-up harassment to get their few crumbs.



Every sadistic trick is used to dehumanize them. In many places they must stand in line from four o'clock in the morning in frost and rain, then wait inside in a concentration camp atmosphere all day only to find out that "no more cases are being taken today."



Welfare mothers often do not dare receive money from secret lovers and spend it on household goods, for the spies are constantly checking for evidence of a man. A new toaster or other gifts can cause their meager support instantly to be taken away.



Every time I lived with such welfare mothers, I had to hide under the bed or in the closet whenever the spies arrived without notice. Many women have never known any other existence and are slowly being destroyed by this eternal home life, enslaved by stupefying TV programs.



I don't think Americans really are aware how cruel they are to these people. We do of course also have public assistance in my old country, with the difference that it is not only for mothers, but for everybody without a job or in need. (See a more recent update on this here).



The difference between a genuine welfare society and disposable society can be seen in Denmark which doesn't try to get rid of people like garbage. (At least not  economically, for racism in Denmark is as bad as in the USA today). In America it is a deliberate policy to push people out of society by refusing aid to those whose rent is too high.



People getting assistance in Denmark in addition get their rent or mortgage paid, plus car loans, telephone, etc., up to a limit of $612, $1,200 for a couple, plus $60 per child. (Average U.S. aid is $99 per person, $288 per family - figures from 1980 before Reagan's cutbacks.)



They are therefore far more integrated in European society whereas American welfare mothers are usually put away in special poorhouses, often near garbage dumps or noisy freeways where land is cheap.



Such "housing for the poor" is the official banishment of untouchables; every city has such dehumanizing "projects," ostracizing people in a pariah culture so destructive that in the end they become useless to society.



By isolating the welfare mother almost as effectively as Germany isolated Jews in concentration camps, the same effect has been achieved: the population can continue blaming the victims without ever having to see what kind of suffering it is inflicting on them.



In such isolation and with a sense of being society's garbage dump, children in the projects are easily pushed into crime. When I stayed with this woman on page 1981 found that she often didn't go to the welfare office or shopping for fear of having to walk through her own project.



The children and America are the final losers. While only 5% of children in Europe's welfare states grow up poor, more than 23% of American children are now shaped so violently by poverty as to be rendered useless in the high-tech world of the next century.



No society aspiring to succeed in the fierce international competition can afford to lose so much of its human potential. Exactly such conservative reasoning is used by many universities where American Pictures and anti-racism work are made mandatory.