"One nation, under God, indivisible" ...but no school integration for MY kids

Chapter 56





We love to accuse the rich, but are our own hands less bloodstained? Yes, I mean us in the middle class - also us here in Europe where we are now in our own struggle against integration with Muslim children repeating all the cruelties we formerly pointed fingers at when I showed these scenes of white Americans fighting to keep blacks out of their schools.



Seeing the conditions of American schools was perhaps the most shocking aspect of my journey.



Never before had I been confronted with such a litter of brainwashing phrases, like "Men treasure freedom above all else," combined with an almost total omission of black history and culture.



The Jewish Star syndrome of the thirties flashed back to me when I saw the violent struggles everywhere in the cities as desperate blacks tried to break out of their forced segregation by sending their children by bus to schools in white neighborhoods, hoping to give them an equal education.



In some places I saw soldiers on every bus to protect children against white parents.



Furious rock throwing whites must he kept behind barricades to protect black children, who learn on their first day out in the white world that the Ku Klux Klan is in the heart of every white person.



- What does Black Power mean to you?
- It means more strength, more power for black people and less for white people. Like for instance money: We need money and food to keep up strength. More money to buy weapons and fight back the white man because of what they have done to us. If a white person can use a weapon so can a black person.



- If you turn your back you might get a knife in it!
- Shut up!
- No, but see Benjamin, you all can fight, right?
- Right! Yes, Yes.



- I mean like we should be friends to white people. Like Avis, she's my friend and she's white.
- Wait until you grow up and she'll be out of this world!
- Why?



- Because she'll be in another part of the world and you'll still be sitting right here saying: "Well, she was my friend". She'll be out of this world and you'll be sitting around saying: "Uptight! Outasight!"
- How do you know she'll be out of this world?
- She won't be out of the world, but she'll be out of this country.



- Out of this COUNTRY or out of this GHETTO?
- Out of this country, ghetto or anything...
When asked if she would still have her white friend when she grew up, she said:
- Yes.
- How do you know?



- She might not be your friend. She might turn against you.
- You might turn against her.
- They might brainwash you...
- A white person is still a human being!



- But why...How come they treated a black person as if he were an ANIMAL?
- We must have done SOMETHING wrong!
- Wait. Hold it! The white man was the first to cause a sin. Black people were minding their own business, living in peace, and then the white people came over and made them slaves...

I could only conclude when listening to such conversations of 7 and 8 year old children that many of them see not only their ghetto, but even their country as a closed system – and worse – are blaming themselves for it. If so, it is not very surprising that many black parents are opposed to integrated schooling in spite of their knowledge that ghetto schools don't work. Being educationally deprived in your own ghetto schools is to be preferred for the illusion of belonging to mainstream society with the similar deprivation you meet here. For it is a sad fact that even integrated schools are killing the spirit and motivation in black children.


The totalitarian "pledging allegiance" to "one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all" stands in glaring contrast to the state of slavery which consciously or unconsciously is hammered into black children in these dilapidated plywood. windowed "ghetto schools" unlike any other schools in the world.



Freedom and justice we in theory gladly give this boy, who must walk home to a shack with more rats than books.
But when in our innermost thoughts we harbor racist feelings about his intellectual inferiority, as oppressors in practice we have the power to get him to believe in his own inferiority - and to develop only the musical and physical sides we from slavery wanted to see in him.



Everywhere in the world, teachers are creating pupils to fit the image and the expectation they already have of them. If you take a random sample of a class and tell the teachers that these pupils are "potential academic spurters" then this group will after a year or two live up to the expectation as a result of the special treatment the teacher unconsciously gives it.



In a master-slave society the one expected to become the slave will thus be given an inferior education, with black or white teachers or segregation or integration making no great difference, as can be seen among the two races in Malaysia or among European and Eastern Jews in Israel. This "innocent" discrimination has disastrous consequences in America as it is the basis for dividing the pupils up into "slow" and "bright" tracks, which are naturally a reflection of class society outside.