And to our final surprise.....our nice little ghetto project is fighting back against us!

Chapter 60




Criminal escapes such as robbery and fraud are no more typical of the shortsightedness than the more lawful escape attempts constantly referred to in racist stereotyping. The climate of death and fear kills long-term trust in the future and makes it easier to buy a big SUV than to begin saving money in order to someday move out of your rotten shack.



Coming from a welfare state, I find it ironic constantly hearing contemptuous white Americans refer to this so-called "low black gratification threshold," while their own lives seemed so completely tied up in a shortsighted tax revolt, trying to heap all kinds of video machines and unnecessary gadgets over their own threshold. When you refuse to pay for the common good you certainly invite criminals to your house.



A country deserves the criminals it produces. The black criminal directly challenging these inequalities is the most misunderstood and unduly feared person in white America. He is actually of little danger to whites - 95% of U.S. crime is white on white or black on black.



In Africa, criminals impressed me by working together in highly organized groups. They would go for the wealthiest homes regardless of color, spend days researching when guards were off duty, poison the dogs earlier in the day and at night, so it was said, blow "witch powder" into the house, causing the whole family to fall asleep and thereby avoiding bodily harm. With the family in deep sleep they would empty the entire house and even have a party in it.



The contrasting disorganized state of the black American criminal indicates a state of slavery as much as the futile American slave rebellions did. I can take dubious pride in having participated in several muggings simply because my friends did not let me know about them beforehand and in fact had not even nurtured any plans themselves. When they saw prey they acted on the spur of the moment in a vicious cocktail of deep-seated hat and self-hatred rather than actual need.



Just as colonized children everywhere will steal from you when you show them "master"-kindness, I found that the adult "rip-offs," "stealers," and even "strong-arm studs" were overwhelmed by Shakespearean motives: "I am one, my liege, whom the vile blows and buffets of the world have so incensed that I am reckless what I do to spite the world."



Freddy's dead, that's what I said.
Let the Man rap a plan,
say he would send him home.



But his hope was a rope
and he should have known.



Why can't we brothers protect one another?
No one's serious and it makes me furious.



Everybody misused him,
ripped him off and abused him
another junkie plan, pushing dope for the man...



It's hard to understand
there was love in this man.



Now Freddy is dead,
that's what I said.
A terrible blow, but that's how it goes.



Freddy is on the corner now,
if you want to be a junkie, wow!
remember Freddy is dead!



When you live long enough in these surroundings, you easily feel that conspiracy against the underclass the blacks talk about. All the actions of the dominant class manifest its need to divide in order to preserve the oppressor state. Upper ghetto is pitted against lower ghetto, gang against gang, family against family, even brother against brother.



When I lived with 15-year-old Larry seen here with the gun and his mother in Richmond, Virginia, his 13-year-old brother lay in the hospital, hit in a gang fight by the brother's bullet, which penetrated his head and made him blind. Nevertheless, I followed the 15-year-old in the streets two days after the tragedy on his new expeditions.


Drawing in "The Black Panther" paper by my friend, Emory Douglass


Many of these street gangs were destroyed by heroin; the press disclosed that the police had sold heroin and flooded the ghetto with it at a time when some gangs had become politicized.



It is again the divide and rule policy being used against a colonized people to further fragment it.



Yet I know whites well enough to believe that except for a few FBI-"Cointelpro" activities there is no planned conspiracy against the oppressed.



There is no need for it, for our daily seemingly "innocent" racism, our daily evasive looks and master-race vibrations function as the most well-plotted conspiracy.



Touring the luxury estate of one of the richest man in the world, Jo Paul Getty, furnished with marble and art from all over the world, I knew that his two black figures fighting under the white plantation pillars were not an artistic expression of any "ruling class conspiracy" against the oppressed.



But having just been ghettoized for eight months, experiencing eight people murdered, I could hardly avoid seeing it that way.



Why can't we brothers protect one another
no one is serious
and it makes me furious.



Don't be misled, just think of Fred.
Everybody has misused him
ripped him off and abused him.



Don't want to be like Freddy now,
'cause Freddy is dead!