There is a man who stands in all our way

Chapter 68



There is a man
who stands in all our way.



and his greedy hands
reach out across the world,


Popeye's pregnant, widow, Pat Singer

Guests at a 1000$ a plate fund raising
dinner for a republican president


but if we slay this man
we will have peace in this land



and this glorious struggle
will be done.



And what we want
is just to have what we need



and to live in peace
with dignity.



Reagan before he started rolling back much
of the progress blacks achieved in the 60-70's.


But these few old men,
no they won't break or bend,



so it's only through their death
that we will be free.


Popeye's pregnant widow, Pat, with letters of condolence from the prisoners. Six years later Pat and Popeye's son saw my movie in the San Francisco Film Festival and shouted out over the 1600 spectators: "That's my daddy, that's my daddy!"

And if we dare to fight
for what we want,



sparing none
who are standing in our way:



The fight is hard and long
but we can't, we can't go wrong,



for our liberation
will be won.




And we can meet again
if we do not die



for that is the price
that might be paid,



but if we pass this way
we shall meet again



if we do not die....