American Pictures
- video and sound clips


The TV-documentary "Jacob Holdt in America" here divided up in chapters

1. Introduction
In 1991 I had Danish TV with me on my tour in America to make a documentary about my anti-racism work in the universities and my friends in the ghettos.

2. Looking for his friend Alphonso in Baltimore
Here I am speaking to students in a Southern prep high school. Tony Harris is talking and I am finding my friend Alphonso.

3. Show in University of Pennsylvania
Here are scenes from one of my many shows in U. of Philadelphia. Also shown is one of my old friends from the local ghetto, Dorothy Yates.

4. With Mary in Alabama
Here I am visiting one of my old friends, Mary in Alabama, and as usual partying with her in the local joint.

5. With Wilma in Alabama
Here I am visiting one of my old friends, Wilma in Alabama, with whom I often live .....and discuss with into the late night.

6.  In Durham Academy, North Carolina
Here some parents in an elite prep school have objected to my show because they have "heard about" chapters on homosexuality in my book.

7.  Racism workshop in U. of Pennsylvania
Here I am with my homeless friends and next day conducting a racism workshop in University of Pennsylvania.

8. With Lela in New York and meeting with agent

9. Patricia's song and ending







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