What the Klan Believes

  1. That the White Race is the irreplaceable hub of our nation, our faith and the high levels of western culture and technology.

  2. America should always be first before any alien influence or interest.

  3. That the Constitution, as originally written and intended, is the finest system of government ever conceived by man.

  4. That every American has the right to practice their faith, including prayer in schools.

  5. That the family is the strength of our nation.

  6. That abortion should be outlawed, except in the very rare case in which the life of the mother is endangered.

  7. That all immigration should cease until all Americans are gainfully employed. Troops should be positioned at all borders to stop the flow of illegal aliens.

  8. That the death penalty should be given to all convicted drug dealers and smugglers.

  9. That the laws of the land should always be upheld. Criminal acts of any kind will not be condoned or tolerated.