Daniel and Lalou Holdt's kinship with

 Saint Charles the Good:

23rd great-granduncle

The behaeding of Charles the GoodSon of King Saint Canute of Denmark. Raised in the court of his maternal grandfather,
Robert de Frison, Count of Flanders. Fought in the second Crusade. Succeeded Robert II as count of Flanders. Married into the family of the Duke of Clermont. His rule was a
continuous defense of the poor against profiteers of his time, both clerical and lay. Called "the Good" by popular acclamation. Reformed laws to make them more fair, supported the poor, fed the hungry, walked barefoot to Mass each day. Martyred in the church of Saint Donatian at Bruges by Borchard, part of a conspiracy of the rich whom he had offended. Beheaded 2 March 1127; relics at the Cathedral of Bruges, where he is venerated. Canonized in 1883 by Pope Leo XIII.

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