Saint Bridget of Sweden

or Den hellige Birgitta:

18th great-grandmother


Vibeke with her 17th great-grandmother in Vadstena monasterySt. Bridget of SwedenDaniel and Lalou's mother, Vibeke, seen here with her 17th great-grandmother, the holy Birgitta in the monastery she founded in Vadstena in Sweden.

Began receiving visions, most of the Crucifixion, at age seven. At sixteen she wed Ulf ULVÅSA in an arranged marriage. Mother of eight children. Mother of Saint Catherine of Sweden, though some of the other children ignored the Church.

After Ulf's death, she pursued a more religious life, for which she was harassed by others at the court. Third Order Franciscan. Cistercian. Mystic, visionary, and mystical writer. Founded the Order of the Most Holy Savior (Bridgettines) at Vadstena. Made pilgrimages to Rome, Italian holy sites, and the Holy Lands. Chastened and counseled kings and Popes Clement VI, Urban VI, and Gregory XI, urging them to return to Rome from Avignon. Encouraged all who would listen to meditate on the Passion, and of Jesus Crucified.

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