Daniel and Lalou Holdt's kinship with

Deuman, Chief of the White Huns 

79th great-grandfather

The wall Deuman forced the Hans to buildDeuman is the oldest known leader of Hsiung-nu - the name of various nomad tribes in present day Mongolia and northern China - often incorrectly identified with the Huns, who like the Turks descended from them. Deuman succeeded in uniting these tribes as a dangerous confederacy. It was chiefly against these enemies that the Ch'in and Han governments built and manned the Great Wall. The balance of power between the Hsiung-nu and the Han empire varied, with some occasions of Han victories (e.g. 119 BC). At times some of their leaders were welcomed at the Han capital or exchanged princesses. Thus we also got many famous Chinese emperors in our family tree. 
(For reasons of classifications in my genealogy program they are here called "King of China" rather than the more correct "Chief of Hsiung-nu or the White Huns").  


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