Karl Martel,
King of Austrasia:

34th great-grandfather

Karl Martel beats the Arabs in ToursCharles Martel re-established Frankish authority in southern Gaul, where the local authorities could not cope with the Islamic threat; he stopped the Muslims near Poitiers (Battle of Tours; 732) and used this opportunity to subdue Aquitaine (735-736). The Muslims then turned toward Provence, and Charles Martel sent several expeditions against them and stopped their advance in Europe. 

Karl Martel in the battle of ToursThis is how it is usually presented, but actually it was duke Eudes, once an ally of Charles, who had become disloyal and promptly called to his aid the Saracens, Moors from Africa, who, entering Spain in 711, had soon conquered it and were now (732) threatening Gaul. Led by their king, 'Abd ar-Rahman, they marched for Bordeaux, burning churches and plundering. From Bordeaux they went across Aquitaine to Poitiers. It was outside here that Charles Martel came upon them and put them to flight.


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