Daniel and Lalou Holdt's kinship with

Saint Canute Lavard of Denmark
Knud Lavard, King of Denmark:

23th great-grandfather

Second son of King Eric the Good of Denmark. Nephew of King Saint Canute of Denmark. Raised in the court of Saxony. Duke of Jutland with his court at Schlewig. Spent years defended against Viking raids. Supported the missionary work of Saint Vicelin. Father of King Valdemar I, who worked for Canute's canonization. King of the Western Wends in 1129. Canute's uncle, King Nils of Denmark, opposed Canute coming to the throne, and arranged his murder. Venerated in Denmark. Born c.1096 at Roskilde Died murdered in 1131 by his cousins Magnus Nielsen and Henry Skadelaar in the forest of Haraldsted near Ringsted in Zeeland; declared a martyr for justice; relics enshrined at Ringsted 25 June 1170.
Homepage: www.knudlavard.dk

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