Most popular lecture on racism, oppression, poverty and social injustice 
with more than 6,500 presentations in American and European Higher Education:
Black child in poverty - a victim of racism and social injustice. Click on all photos and reviews for enlargements and full text AMERICAN PICTURES - a multimediashow and a book by Danish vagabond, author and photographer Jacob Holdt Racism - for most of us symbolized by the Ku Klux Klan - yet members of hate groups are usually victims of oppression too
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New on my old (fashioned) website!


My book American Pictures is now sold out.

In support of the Black Lives Matter movement I have now made a new book based on my 50 years of working with racism and oppression, "Roots of Oppression".

Go to a description of it here where you can read it in 11 languages - including even Ukrainian and Turkish.


My memoirs have just been published in Danish.
You can read the most interesting chapters here in English about how I as a vagabond made American Pictures - and how I since stopped the book from being published worldwide since the KGB wanted to use it against America.


My slideshow "American Pictures" I presented more than 7,000 times for 46 years - 30 years in these American universities.

Now you can stream
it directly into your classrooms and homes.
in English or Danish
or Norwegian.


The income supported the anti-apartheid struggle in Southern Africa. In my old headquarters - with the insights from my workshops in American universities - I have today opened the dialogue center, The Ubuntu House, with Nelson Mandela's daughter as the patron.


My art exhibitions in European museums.

See "Faith, hope and love" in MoMa Louisiana in English or in Danish.
Read how Arthur Jafa was inspired by my photos.

Follow my photos and exhibitions here on Instagram

!!!  Please note, that I haven't had time to update my old website here for modern browsers.

For danskere specielt:

Læs her om hvordan Weekendavisen - som den eneste egentlige modstand jeg nogensinde fik - opdigtede og manipulerede sine "fake news" om Amerikanske Billeder.
















During recent years I have seen a lot of my photographed friends from "American Pictures" pas







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"American Pictures"
- a tool against racism


Racism in America, in Europe or universally: American Pictures is an audio-visual anti-racism program which in an effective, entertaining and moving way shows the ultimate cost of racial discrimination, segregation and ghettoization of ethnic minorities. Jacob Holdt's pictures of poverty, oppression, slavery and injustice in the black underclass are used widely for racial prejudice reduction and multicultural diversity training in universities, colleges and high schools, but are also excellent for sociology conventions and human rights seminars.

Jacob Holdt's photography of despairing poor black ghettos and mind crippling child poverty as the end result of white supremacy and institutionalized inequality and injustice - not to speak of his shocking portrayal of extremist white hate groups, Ku Klux Klan and neo Nazis and even mass murderers - seems to belong in a distant history, but is made long after the civil rights struggle. His documentary slideshow has for 25 years been the most used Black History Month events and freshman orientation programs with the longest track record ever on the American campus lecture circuit. As a former hitchhiking vagabond turned professional speaker, Danish photographer and author Jacob Holdt has become a must in race relations wherever the emphasis is on multiculturalism, diversity training and conflict resolution. 





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