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To Whom It May Concern

When I - here from Denmark - followed the Black Lives Matter protests in 2020, I couldn't just sit idly by. Many young protesters focused mainly on the police killings of black people, perhaps not knowing much about the historical roots behind much of the anger today. Many books have been written about this by black authors, but to my knowledge none with pictures. All movements die out quickly, so I hope this book can be a visual addition.

Since I have 22,000 photos in my archives from 50 years of traveling in the Black community, I came up with the idea of creating a visual book as an inspiration for the movement - about the oppression and systemic racism that I have personally witnessed since coming to America 4 years after the triumph of the Civil Rights Movement. It is my hope that the book can be published quickly enough to be useful in Trump's and Biden's divided America with its ever growing economic, social and racial inequality.



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Shorter extracts

Arthur Jafa's foreword          My own foreword

Life stories of:  Sharecropper Lefus Whitley   -  My girlfriend Mary   -  Virginia Pate   -  Rockefeller

Linda, the small girl with the kerosene lamp  -  The gangster Alphonso   -   My ex-wife Annie 

Renee Yates, the woman photographed naked at the crucifix

Special chapters:

The oppression of prostitutes   -   The oppression of women   -   The oppression of LGBTQ+ 

White hate: Serial murderers   -
  White hate: Ku Klux Klan   -  Black resistance


More about the book and my background

Technic details of proposed coffee table book
which I have set up in InDesign based on my old "American Pictures" layout with many newer and larger photos from my art exhibitions. Please help by suggesting other photos from here or here.

Background on myself
Many who read this know me from my previous books, exhibitions and my 7000 lectures in America and Europe, others do not.

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