Speeches and songs from Jacob Holdt's birthday party June 2nd 2007:


Ebbe Preisler's speech

Note: Due to too many speeches Ebbe Preisler
never got a chance to hold his speech.


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From statsministeren@sm.dk

Date 02062007



Kære Ebbe Preisler,


Jeg har modtaget et lykønskningstelegram til Jacob Holdt fra Præsident Bush, som jo ikke selv kan tillade sig at skrive direkte.

Manden virker meget forpint.

Måtte jeg bede dig læse det højt for fødselsdagsselskabet i aften og i øvrigt overbringe også mine lykønskninger.



Georg Bush skriver:


"Dear Jacob,

First of all congratulations. I often think of the great days we spent together back on the ranch.

But secondly, thank you so much for not - as almost the only person on the planet - for not talking badly about me.

Just like your fairly new friends in the Ku Klux Klan, I have personally always been driven by the noblest intentions.

Talking about ghetto, The White House is nothing but a golden ghetto. A bird cage. I cannot, for example, just write a letter to you. I'm being observed and controlled in everything I do. In the toilet, in the bedroom, everywhere. I'm desperate. But what can I do?

I never intended to win the Precidency. My father pushed me. My brother pushed me. My wife pushed me, very much. Dick Chenye and Karl Rove pushed me. The Oil Giants pushed me. What could I do?

Now, most peole have turned their backs on me. I am not interesting any more. I think I'm the loneliest person on Earth. What can I do? Who needs me?

I know I never had what makes a truly great President, but I was the little fellow with Jesus on my side, and I was sober!

Today, I'm ashamed. The country is bankrupt. Soon, China can just close the shop and take over. We'll sink like a Titanic, with rich people waltzing around and all the lights on.

I think I'm going crazy.

I need to talk to you, dear Jacob, but how?

My mail is filtered.

Letters are opened.

I can't receive you here.

I can't come and see you.

I'm in prison.


There is only one way: Could you please go to your Prime Minister and have him make the call?

And as soon as I'm through here, I'll come and live with you for some time in order to lick the wounds and to have you tell me what actually happened.

Because I don't know nothing no more.



George W. Bush"

- lad mig blot tilføje: Du er velkommen nårsomhelst, Jacob. Jeg behøver vel ikke minde dig om, at du skal huske tidsforskellen, når du ringer til USA.


Bedste hilsener og igen tillykke

Anders Fogh Rasmussen



Anders Fogh Rasmussen


2800 Kongens Lyngby



 The birthday party was held in Building 55 behind Øksnehallen, Halmtorvet 11, 1700 Copenhagen V, on June 2nd 2007.

See the videos and photos from the opening party for my photo exhibition the day before.

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