Speeches and songs from Jacob Holdt's birthday party June 2nd 2007:


My 60 year birthday

Speeches on video in chronological order:

Welcome drinks and my welcome speech

Welcome song


My slide show-thanks to early childhood friends 1947-67:
My parents Jacob and Grethe, my brother Niels Jørgen Holdt, my cousin Birgit Vanghaug, Jens Holm Nielsen, Erik Madsen, Marius Ibsen og my brother Steen Holdt. (Only friends who were present were mentioned and only if I could find them the same afternoon on my hard disk).

My thanks to youth friends from 1968-1975:
Kristen Godfrey, the family Godfrey, Anker Jørgensen, Dorit Otzen, Tony Harris, Annie Rush og Klaus Hansen. 

My thanks to friends from 1976-1977:
Annie Hedvard, Wolfgang Poth, Jørgen Dragsdahl, Per Kofod, Kitte Fennestad, Nils Vest, Britta Lillesø, Hjalte Tin, Jerry Justice, Dominique Kofod, Søren B. Henriksen, min kone Vibeke Rostrup Bøyesen, Ole Holst Pedersen, Ole Reitov og Maria Korpe.

My thanks to friends from 1978-1987:
Howie Pinderhughes, Marie Tetzlaff, our son Daniel, Carsten Nørgård and friends in Africa, Maya Feldman and the refugees, Buenaas Toufik, Christina Sun and Pia Tafdrup.

My thanks to friends from 1988-2006:
Sandra Ruffin, Niels Tofte, Roya Hoffmeyer, Sherin Khankan, Fayez Khankan, Fatim Zahra, Lone Hertz, Rikke Marrott, Anna Davolio, Christina Voigt, Abdul Wahid Petersen, Per Marfeldt, Mona Sheikh, Özlem Cekic and Muna Ali

Per Kofod's speech  (in Danish)

Pia Tafdrup's speech  (in Danish)

David Miller's speech

Marius Ibsen's speech  (in Danish)

Tony Harris' speech

Valerie Saunders' speech

Abdul Wahid Petersen's sppech  (in Danish)

Sherin Khankan's speech  (in Danish)

Eva Rostrup Bøyesen's speech  (in Danish)

Howie Pinderhughes' speech

Bounaas Toufik's speech  (in Danish)

Jerry Justice's speech

Lone Hertz' speech  (in Danish)

Christina Sun's speech

Ole Holst Pedersen's speech

Britta Lillesøe's speech  (in Danish)

Roya Hoffmeyer's speech and dance

Ebbe Preislers speech

Photo gallery:


I will from the bottom of my heart thank all, who helped make these two big parties a unique experience.

With love

Jacob Holdt



 The birthday party was held in Building 55 behind Øksnehallen, Halmtorvet 11, 1700 Copenhagen V, on June 2nd 2007.

See the videos and photos from the opening party for my photo exhibition the day before.

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