Exhibition "Pray for America" in Gallery V1

Photos by Jacob Holdt

FEAR AND GUNS      -      00033
I had the first year lived with Vicky Fuller on 110 W Morrell St – one of the many white women who still in those years dared pick up hitchhikers. When I came back to see her the third time, I couldn’t find her and went to her family in the suburbs to ask for her and took this photo of her gun happy family. They said the guns were needed so they could “defend themselves against the niggers.” The irony was that I now had gotten used to the ghettoes and that night lived with Orline, a black welfare mother, in a house surrounded by my junkie friends – the people Vicky’s family feared the most. At that time, I had for half a year had no flash unit since I did not have the 20$ to repair it for. But I had borrowed a big 500 watts bulb, which I carried with me everywhere. It gave these yellowish pictures. Also, my black junkies shooting heroin turned out “yellow” in Jackson. It made them trust that I was not a “bust man” (police agent) since no police would walk around with so big clumsy lights. - - - Jackson, MI - June 10th 1973