- my family's 7th-150th generation

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Isaiah - prophet
of the Bible

1st cousin 89 tim. rem.
of Nazareth

8th cousin 67 tim. rem.
Julius Caesar
- of Rome

61st great-granduncle
Nero - Emperor
of Rome

61st great-granduncle
Cleisthenes -gave
birth to democracy

82nd great-granduncle
Alkibiades - friend
of Socrates + Plato

3rd cousin 81 tim. rem.
Cyrus II the Great
King of Persia

81st great-grandfather
Josephus, Jewish-
Roman historian

3rd cousin 66  tim. rem.


Esther - from
Esther's Book

78th great-grandmother

the Great

72nd great-grandfather

Charles Martel -
stopped the Arabs

34th great-grandfather

Herodias - killed
John the Baptist

2nd cousin 61 tim. rem.



Deuman - made
China build the Wall

79th great-grandfather

Charlemagne - Holy
Roman Emperor

33rd great-grandfather

 Abgar Uchama
- wrote to Jesus

59th great-grandfather


32nd great-granduncle

Antonius Felix -
spoke with St. Paul

3rd cousin 62 tim. rem.
Herod Agrippa I
- freed St. Peter

2nd cousin 63 tim. rem.
Jeremiah - prophet
of the Bible

87th great-granduncle
King Arthur
of the round table

6th cousin 49 tim. rem.




Herod Agrippa II
- saved St. Paul

3rd cousin 63 tim. rem.

Herod Antipas -
made Pilate kill Jesus

63rd great-granduncle

Ashoka - first
feminist, pacifist

68th great-grandfather

Gregory of Tours
- Frank historian

2nd cousin 40 tim. rem.


Moses - founder
of 3 religions

108th great-granduncle
Nebuchadnezzar II
- King of Babylon

83rd great-grandfather
- pyrrhic victory

71st great-grandfather

- Greek historian

2nd cousin 79 tim. rem.


St. Alfred the Great
King of England

33rd great-grandfather
Saint Bridget
of Sweden

18th great-grandmother
Saint Ida
of Nivelles

42nd great-grandmother
Edgar the Peaceful
King of England

32nd great-grandfather
St. Ladislas -
King of Hungary

24th great-granduncle
Saint Ethelbert
of England

39th great-grandfather
Saint Leopold the
Good of Austria

24th great-grandfather
St. Gregor
the Illuminator

51st great-grandfather
  Saint Ludmila
of Bohemia

31st great-grandmother
Saint Olga of Kiev
- killed hundreds

28th great-grandmother
Saint Vladimir -
Duke of Kiev

26th great-grandfather

Saint Sigismund -
King of Burgundy

42nd great-grandfather


St. Adelaide
of Burgundy

29th great-grandmother

Saint Arnold
- bishop of Metz

37th great-grandfather
Saint Margaret
of Scotland

28th great-grandmother
Saint Matilda
of Saxony

29th great-grandmother
Saint Charles
the Good

23rd great-granduncle
Saint Bathildis
of Neustria

38th great-grandmother
Saint Begga
of Landen

41st great-grandmother
Saint Chlotilde
"the Holy"

42nd great-grandmother

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