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Anita Roddick



My travel companion

Anita Roddick is known as the founder of The Body Shop. In 1996 she went with me on a trip around the South to visit many of my friends from my book. She did not expect the poverty and despair to be so overwhelming and has written about the experience in several books and articles. With my family I later stayed in her home in England which you see in some of these photos.
More pictures and text to come later.

Anita with Ida Ford Anita with Ida and Joe Anita tries Mary's hat
Millionaire changing hat
with field worker
Anita playing pool with Mary Anita as dentist
Kæreste med Anita Roddick...
The queen of cosmetics
in her outhouse
Anita Roddick - my girlfriend ? Visiting Beth
Gone with the wind My daughter and Anita's dolls In the old plantation homes



At the Angola prison


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