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My deus ex machina

Without Christina my life would have been more boring in the pauses between my shows in the USA. Always in a fun, spontaneous mood and with an enormous knowledge of where all the festivities take place, life with her has never been boring after 1990 when she in a rush cut in front of me in a post office line, apologized and asked: "Oh, are you Jacob Holdt. Do you need a place to stay?" And that's exactly what I did - having lived for years in my van.
In these pages I try to capture her many faces and "hats."

2003: There is a more teasing presentation in my birthday present for her daughter.

2004: Photos from her visit with my family in Copenhagen.

2005: My vacation with my daughter Lalou in Soglio and with Christina in Venice.

2006: Her children's birthday party in New York.

2007: Pictures from her children's European vacation.

2008: Her new apartment on the Hudson river.

2009: From her family's retreat in Soglio, when her son fell from the walls and ended up in hospital.

2012: Christina's and children's summer vacation in Denmark.

2018: And my vacation with Christina in Soglio.

Here are two videos with her - making a speech for my wife rather than me on my birthday - and - swimming in freezing cold water. Here you can read her own Bowsprite blog.

Chris as speaker With Rya at party At a concert Singing with her band

Outside restaurant Playing in my car At a party with Rya Dancing in gay club

Joining the marines Bathtub in our kitchen In St. Crois Say it with roses

Always having fun   With Helga   Her huge photo album   Say it with roses 2

  Weird gymnastics With my family Working in her studio    Making faces





Photographed by
Danish traveler
   In her new house
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