Photo album from:
My American tour autumn 2003

I want to thank all of you who helped me out on the November tour. I promised many of you pictures and find it easiest to display them here on this secret location of my web-pages.
To respect the privacy of the Klan people who opened up their hearts and homes for me, but are nervous about loosing their jobs if identified, there are no links to this temporary page from the outside. Click on the first big photo and leaf through them all until you find a picture of yourself.
I have here divided them into two groups:  if you in the Ku Klux Klan do not care to leaf through all my black and Chinese friends, just click on the picture to the right. And vice versa for the rest of you: if you have no interest in trying to understand the Klan, go straight to the left picture here below.



On this tour I managed to find Geegurtha again after many years of searching (see page 244 in my book).
Here we are seen when I lived with her in Greensboro in November 1973. Try to mouse around in her afro to see her hair today....or to tickle my belly to see how fat it was at our 30 year reunion this November.

On this tour I made a very interesting new friend in a different Ku Klux Klan group than the one I have previously described. She is a feminist and probably the only Klan member fighting for gay rights. Don't be surprised if you one day see her as the first female Imperial Wizard. Mouse around a bit and see how she also tries to help me find my true white identity.

Click on each photo to go to the photo story of your choice. Note that I have changed my Klan friends' names except for one, - the name of the Imperial Wizard who became well known as the leader of the Greensboro shootout in 1979. Five people were killed then - one of them Sandy Smith - the friend/girlfriend of Tony Harris who is seen in photo story if you click the left photo - or here.


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