Daniel and Lalou Holdt's kinship with

H. C. Ørsted:

6th cousin 6 times removed


Hans Christian Ørsted (1777-1851) was a physicist and chemist of Denmark, influenced by the thinking of Kant. In 1820 he discovered the relationship between electricity and magnetism in a very simple experiment. He demonstrated that a wire carrying a current was able to deflect a magnetised compass needle. Ørsted did not suggest any satisfactory explanation of the phenomenon, nor did he try to represent the phenomenon in a mathematical framework.


Hans Christian Ørsted i 1822Hans Christian Ørsted is one of the most luminous figures in the intellectual life of Denmark. He had lasting influence on many aspects of Danish culture and society. Thus he was one of the first to appreciate and encourage Hans Christian Andersen when this great Danish writer found the fairy tale as his proper genre. By nature he was a kind and helpful man, who was a great inspiration to his associates; but although his dealings were always marked by a high degree of consideration he could in crucial situations display great firmness and resolution, never hesitating to advance radical views and opinions.

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