Daniel and Lalou Holdt's kinship with:

Famous Nordic authors, Vikings, historical figures etc.:

Name Birth date Relationship with Daniel and Lalou
Absalon, bishop of Copenhagen 1128 1st uncle 20 times removed
Svend Aggesen, Danish historian 1130 3rd cousin 28 times removed
Vilhelm Bergsøe, author 1835 8th cousin 4 times removed
Steen Steensen Blicher, author 1783 8th cousin 5 times removed
Karen Blixen (Isak Dinesen), author of "Out of Africa" 1885 9th cousin 3 times removed
Niels Bohr, physicist and Nobel prize winner 1885 Step-grandfather of 13th cousin
Tyge (Tycho) Brahe, astronomer 1546 11th great-granduncle
Hans Adolph Brorson, author 1694 Husband of 3th cousin 6 times removed
Edvard Bull, Norwegian foreign minister 1881 4th cousin 3 times removed
Francis Bull, professor of literature 1887 4th cousin 3 times removed
Niels Ebbesen, national folk hero 1300 17th great-grandfather
Jacob Scavenius Estrup, konseilspresident 1825 10th cousin 3 times removed
Carl Ewald, author 1856 11th cousin 3 times removed
Johannes Ewald, author 1743 8th cousin 5 times removed
Marie Grubbe, subject of 4 authors 1643 7th cousin 10 times removed
N. F. S. Grundtvig, author, religious thinker 1783 Husband of 4th cousin 5 times removed
Den Hellige Birgitta, canonized saint 1391 1303 18th great-grandmother
Agnes Henningsen, author 1868 10th cousin 4 times removed
Constantin Hansen, artist 1804 6th cousin 6 times removed
Arild Huitfeldt, historian, wrote "Danmarks Riges Krønike" 1546 15th great-granduncle
Skjalm Hvide, knight 1062 23rd great-grandfather
Birger Jarl, founded Stockholm 1196 21st great-grandfather
Rane Jonsen, killed (?) king Erik Klipping in Finnerup lade 1286 21st great-grandfather
Niels Juel, naval hero 1629 1st cousin 10 times removed
Jakob Knudsen, author 1858 5th cousin 3 times removed
Lauge Koch, explorer 1892 10th cousin twice removed
Hans Vilh. Kaalund, author 1818 5th cousin 4 times removed
Leonora Kristine, Chr. IV's lover 1621 10th cousin 12 times removed
Poul la Cour, author 1902 10th cousin twice removed
Orla Lehman, politician 1810 Husband of the 11th cousin 3 times removed
Regnar Lodbrog, Viking king 765 33rd great-grandfather
Wilhelm Marstrand, artist 1810 3rd step-great-granduncle; or 6th cousin 3 times removed
Karen Michaelis, author 1872 11th cousin once removed
Magnus Bengtsson Natt och Dag, the Palme murderer of his day. He killed Swedish national hero Engelbrekt.  Bef. 1427 15th great-grandfather
Palnatoke, killer of first Christian Danish king, Harald Blåtand 930 28th great-grandfather
Jacob Paludan, author 1896 13th cousin once removed
Frederik Paludan-Müller, author 1809  10th cousin 4 times removed
Johan Rantzau, defeated Skipper Clements peasant rebellion 1492 13th great-grandfather
Helge Rode, author 1870 13th cousin once removed
Otto Rung, author 1874 9th cousin 3 times removed
Valdemar Rørdam, author 1872 5th cousin 3 times removed
Esbern Snare, national folk hero 1127 21st great-grandfather
William Scharff, artist 1886 Husband of the 11th cousin twice removed
Hans Hartvig Seedorf, author 1892 11th cousin twice removed
Marsk Stig, killed (?) Erik Klipping in Finnerup Lade Bef. 1275 22nd great-grandfather
Sten Sture den ældre, rigsforstander in Sweden 1471-1503 Abt. 1450 14th great-granduncle
Viggo Stuckenberg, author 1863 6th cousin 3 times removed
Hans Tausen, religious reformer 1494  12th great-granduncle
Corfitz Ulfeldt, historical figure 1606 4th cousin 12 times removed
Sigrid Undset, author 1882 9th cousin 3 times removed
Anders Sørensen Vedel, historian 1542 Husband of the 1st cousin 12 times removed
Gustav I Vasa, King of Sweden 1496 12th great-granduncle
Peter "Tordenskjold" Wessel, war hero 1690 3rd cousin 7 times removed
Johan Herman Wessel, author 1742 3rd cousin 6 times removed
Peter Willemoes, naval hero 1783 3rd cousin 6 times removed
Ole Worm, scientist, historian 1588 3rd cousin 11 times removed
H. C. Ørsted, scientist 1777  6th cousin 6 times removed
Bertil Chr. Ægidius, hymn writer 1673 5th cousin 8 times removed

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