Daniel and Lalou Holdt's kinship with

"Marsk Stig":

22nd great-grandfather

The king killers riding from Finnerup LadeMarsk Stig Andersen was one of the murderers of King Erik Klipping of Denmark in Finderup Lade, 22nd November 1286. At the following trial Marsk Stig and 'the sworn' were convicted as outlaws. This painting of the outlaws, riding from Finderup Lade, is at Frederiksborg Castle. In 1290 the outlaws took Hjelm - with help from the Norwegian king - and made a castle there. From Hjelm they assaulted Danish coastal towns in order to fight King Erik Menved, who was the new King. They also made a coining in order to compromise the Danish king's monetary system. Marsk Stig Andersen died in Reconstructed castle of Marsk Stig in Hjelm1293, but it is not known for sure where he died. The outlaws stayed on Hjelm until 1306, when the king stormed the island.

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