Place in commemoration of my deceased friends  and acquaintances
Here you are welcome with me to commemorate my good - and also "bad" - friends and acquaintances and send your last words or virtual flowers to them. I can't stand the thought of them just laying forgotten in a winter cold cemetery, where nobody visits them. On these pages they will live on for us in memory, words and pictures while we together construct and formulate the content around them.

Especially I will commemorate my many murdered friends. When I had reached 22 in 1980, I stopped counting them. In several cases I know their murderers and will therefore invite these to send their own words to their victims to this memorial place to help them in the reconciliation process. 

A temporary farewell to Popye Jackson

For good reasons this web-site will continually be "under construction." We should not let death frighten us - there has to be room for humor also. But as webmaster or Dare you look him into the eyes?cemetery keeper it will naturally annoy me a bit if I don't get to make nice gravesites for all of you friends in time ...
.........before I myself have to kick the bucket!

Choose your tomb stone in good time
....and get the special friendship discount!

Your interim entrance to the memorial sites:

Hans Peter Knudsen
Childhood friend, school friend and guest in my car on my USA-tours - killed by a drunken driver. (Site in Danish)

Dr. Charles King
My mentor in conducting racism workshops. Growing up as a poor black he ended up doing "oppression workshops" for the CIA, the military and the big corporations all over America.

Ann Hodge
Old girl friend and co-worker - killed while she delivered books for American Pictures

Gus Cole
Murdered while he was a street-seller of my book for me in Philadelphia ....(before you had paid me up, my good friend!)

Stephen Williams
whom I played with from he was 2 years old. Shot at 23 when he walked out of a store - the fourth I had known in his family who got murdered. When he I came to give my pictures from the funeral to his sister, Catherine, she had been shot. (Site in Danish so far).

Teacher Erik Madsen
My old Danish literature teacher in high school, who followed me closely throughout life and inspired me deeply. (Site in Danish so far)

Popeye Jackson
My best friend in the vagabond years in California - shoot in an assassination. 

Emily Kelley
Old lover and millionaire - shot herself in the bath tub.

Bud Clarence
Theater director - murdered while preparing to set up American Pictures in his theater.



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  From my visit in Kosovo's mass graves in 1999


Dear friends. Here is lots of MB "burial place" set aside for all of you, so please do not hold back. Try your luck and see - beyond all earthly attempts - whom of you are worthy of the most lavish memorial site. "See you!"

Graffiti in Harlem: "Let's stop killing each other"

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