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After parties in Gernersgade June 3rd to 6th 2007

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Pictures from the days after the big parties

The people who stayed with us in Gernersgade continued partying for a couple of days. On these pictures are also seen some unexpected visitors such as Henrik Fogh Rasmussen, whom I debated with in the media in those days, and Amina Wadud, who was in Denmark to receive a big price in Democratic Muslims.

This page: Morning after my birthday party

Page 2: Relaxing in Kings Garden and backyard party in Gernersgade

Page 3: Visits by Henrik Fogh Rasmussen, Dominique Kofod and Søren B. Henriksen

Page 4: Departure of Howie Pinderhughes

Page 5: Dinner for Amina Wadud and Hjalte Tin taking Sandra Ruffin on tour in his famous car


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