Daniel and Lalou Holdt's kinship with

Leo IX, Pope of Rome 1049-1054
or Bruno of Egisheim:

1st cousin 29 times removed

Bruno, son of Count Conrad of Egisheim, was born in 1002 in Alsace. Educated at Toul, he became its archbishop in 1027. Nominated by our 26th great-grandfather Emperor Henry III, Bruno was elected pope in 1049 and he began immediately to call for clerical reforms such as the abolition of simony and an end to clerical unchastity. This explains why his successor, Pope Stephen X, already by then had a son. He traveled widely and called synods in the places he visited. In 1053, he led a small troop against the Normans, who captured Leo. He was a prisoner in Benevento for nine months, and he died a month after his return to Rome in 1054. Disagreements and possibly miscommunication during Leo's tenure led to the Great Schism between Constantinople and Rome in 1054, which our 32nd great-grandfather pope Stephen X tried to heal. 

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