Daniel and Lalou Holdt's kinship with

Stephen X, Pope of Rome 1056-57:

32nd great-grandfather
or 27th great-granduncle


Pope Stephen X named Frederick was the son of our 28th great-grandparents Gozelon, Duke of Lower Lorraine and of Urraca, daughter of Berengarius II, King of Italy. He is thus also our 27th great-granduncle. As a canon of Liège his cousin Leo IX (our 1st cousin 29 times removed) met him and made him chancellor of the Roman Church 1051. He accompanied Leo IX in his journeys throughout Europe, and was sent by him to Constantinople which terminated in the final separation of the Eastern and Western Churches. Apparently here he had his son Ljubomir, who later became the Grand Zupan of Serbia. 

On his return from the East he was robbed by the Count of Teate, and, to avoid falling into the hands of our 26th great-grandfather, Emperor Henry III of Germany (who distrusted him as the brother of the rebellious Godfrey the Bearded, Duke of Lorraine), he became a monk at Monte Cassino (1055), and, after the death of the Emperor Henry, its abbot (1057). He was made cardinal-priest of St. Chrysogonus by pope Victor II, and after his death chosen his successor on the following day 3 August, 1057. 

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