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There has been no shortage of reviews over the years. Here is a little selection of those that could be optically scanned. 

Reviews of Jacob Holdt's museum exhibitions ....and life

Reviews from his exhibitions in mostly Europe in recent years

Reviews of the book 
As the book has never been officially published in America (my intention was to give the homeless and street people a chance to sell it), there have been very few reviews in the media. But many universities use the book as a textbook and often send copies of the students' writings back to Jacob Holdt.

Interviews with Jacob Holdt 
Interviews in Film Comment and others. 

Most academic reviews
From scholarly sources.


  At the opening of the movie in New York

Reviews of the slide show in the general media 
Reviews from Los Angeles Times, New York Times, New York Post, The Village Voice, San Francisco Chronicle, National Catholic Reporter, Journal of Humanist Sociology and many others. 

Reviews of the slide show in American college papers 
College reviews from Univ. of Chicago, Univ. of Illinois, Univ. of Rochester, Univ. of Wisconsin, U.C. Berkeley etc. Of special interest: American Pictures viewed as
Brechtian epic Theater 


The klan and American Pictures


American students reactions to the slide show 
In many colleges students have been writing papers in classes about the show and hundreds have sent letters to Jacob Holdt. They often talk openly about the pain the show gave them as a result of their racist upbringing. 

My 4th showing in Connecticut College


Anita Roddick - owner of the worldwide cosmetic chain The Body Shop - writes about her Travels with Jacob Holdt 



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Interviews with Jacob Holdt   

Reviews of Jacob Holdt's museum exhibitions ....and life

Reviews of the show in the general media   

Reviews of the show in college papers 

Student reactions to the show  

Reviews of the book

Most academic reviews



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