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shown 7000 times in American colleges and 13 other countries.
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The videos below were all produced for Danish TV, but can be seen since most of the dialogue is in English.


"Jacob Holdt in America" 
Movie from Danish TV on the work and life of Jacob Holdt in America - here shown in its entirety. If you only want to see individual chapters, you can choice individual chapters here.


2.  "American Pictures in the USA - part 1"
A different low-budget documentary from Danish TV on Jacob Holdt's lecture tours in the USA. (ca. 30 min.

3.  "American Pictures in the USA - part 2"
Part two of DK4's documentary on Jacob Holdt's work in the USA. Here is his debate with the leader of the Ku Klux Klan, whom he later made friends with. (30 min.) 

4. "Jacob Holdt - An American love story"
Password: jh2017fes10val

Most recent movie about looking back at my life in American colleges. Made for Danish Tv and cinemas in 2016.

5 "Jacob and the Ku Klux Klan"
A movie about a trip where I took the leader of the Ku Klux Klan around America to meet my black friends in the ghettos ....and the tragedy occurring when he shortly after decided to dissolve the Klan.

Note, that some of these files have not yet
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6. I bring a black woman to the KKK headquarter
My black friend entertains the Ku Klux Klan leader with stories about how many whites her family has killed and discusses affirmative action......for blacks and poor whites.

7. A photo lecture on the people in my pictures
I talk about what happened since with my friends whom I photographed in the 70'es. It is a very violent narrative since there are not many bright stories.

8. "A Portrait of Jacob"
A British interview with me about my years as a penniless vagabond, my photography and what later came out of it.

9. "Jacob Holdt - on the road to myself"
A movie about me and the friends I photographed made for my exhibition in the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art.
(English subtitles)

10. I talk about my photography
A Portuguese interview made during photo festival in Amsterdam in 2008

11.  My ex-wife Annie on her childhood growing up with the KKK

12.  "
The apartheid in our hearts can be overcome"
TV-documentary on how I for a number of years housed up to 66 Arab refugees in my private apartment in Copenhagen (6 min)

13. Open letter to Obama on Danish racism
Overt hostility toward minorities has today in Denmark far outpaced the racism I encountered toward blacks in the USA in the 1970's. Just as Americans today express gratitude for my help as an outsider in addressing their racism, we are today many Danes who ask for outside help to address our racism.

14.  Many more TV-interviews with me in Danish

Movies made by me about others:

Professor Sandra Ruffin's speech during the Climate Conference in Copenhagen


Sound recordings in English:

1. Interview on radio in Madison, WI 1986
It was made by Jeff Hansen 29th of Oct 1986 on WORT-FM to publicize my show that night in University of Wisconsin.
I still at that time call myself a vagabond, so much of the talk is about hitchhiking in America with people calling in to talk about their experiences.
Duration 1:30 time.

2. Interview on radio in Madison, WI 1987
It was made by Jeff Hansen Feb 28th 1987 on WORT-FM to publicize my show that night in University of Wisconsin.
It goes deeper into American social problems that the interview the year before, but the beginning is missing.
Duration 1:13 hour.



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