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Alphonso Makell



My first attempted muggerusa-alphonso1971-01

Story and more pictures from the past will come later

With Alphonso's children in 1971


usa-00958 usa-00622
usa-01397 usa-00959 usa-00539
usa-alphonso1986-02 usa-alphonso1986-01 usa-03516
Delivering books to
Alphonso's sons Elroy
and Nathaniel who was later
Alphonso selling my books
in streets of Baltimore
Alphonso got his street gang to
help sell my book
usa-03333 usa-03415 usa-03416
usa-03335 usa-03568 usa-03569
Alphonso on Danish TV
in 1992
usa-alphonso2003-04 usa-alphonso2003-01 usa-alphonso2003-03
Reunion with Alphonso In his small apartment
in the projects
Reunion in 2003
usa-alphonso1972-01 usa-alphonso1987-01 usa-alphonso2003-05
Alphonso's daughter
Joan in 1971
Joan in 1996 Portrait of Alphonso
usa-alphonso2003-02 usa-alphonso2004-06 usa-alphonso2004-05
Finding Alphonso on my
birthday in 2003
2004 2004


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