My friends
....or saving angles

These friends are not singled out because I see them on a daily basis, but because they have had great importance for me in my life.
Some of them are well-known public persons - at least in Denmark - who might be of interest for others than myself. I include them to show another - perhaps unknown or more human - side of them than the one commonly known. Or - who knows - perhaps just to tease them a bit? See also my other presentation of friends here. These pages are naturally under constant construction and - yes - a good dinner invitation certainly helps to ensure a better presentation of yourself, my dear friends :-)

Tony.Harris-2003-05 Marius.Ibsen-2001-01 1957-19 Sherin-2002-21

My show partner
Tony Harris

My school friend
Marius Ibsen

My childhood friend
Jens Holm Nielsen

My workshop partner
Sherin Khankan

Dragsdahl-2002-01 Muwwakkil-1987-01

The man who made me
famous in Danish media
Jørgen Dragsdahl

My home base in USA
Christina Sun

My lecturing agent

My psychological advisor
Lisbeth Schneider


Jacob Holdt: My high school class 1963


My first US girlfriend
Marly Sockol

My friends from high school

The people in my
childhood village

My traveling partner
Pia Tafdrup

Eli Sæter 

My integration specialist
Maya Feldman

My make-up artist
in her Body Shop
Anita Roddick

My traveling partner
Eli Saeter

My sponsor as a vagabond
Tommy Howard

With Dr. Charles King on his death bed

The Godfrey family

My mentor
 Dr. Charles King

My ex-wife
Annie Rush Holdt

The family I owe
the Godfrey family

My spy in STASI
Jörg Meier

My first mugger
Alphonso Makell
 My swimming companion
Lars von Trier
My book designer
Kitte Fennestad
My show man in Germany
Ups, I forgot to
photograph him
during my dinners
with the KGB!
But I miss you, Nick!
Per.Kofod.1977-06 1972-11-00003
My role model as young,
chairman of parliament,
Ivar Hansen
 My superior in the KGB
Nikolaj Gribin
My Danish publisher
Per Kofod
First black "girlfriend" to
kick me out Merrilyn Jones
2004-02-22 02-04-24 2012-09-23_23-15-02 1993-07-1390015 1999-01_10810011
My organizer in Harvard and Congress, Sandra Ruffin My soul mate and Oscar winner Sapphire The woman who introduced me to black America, Denia Hester Lela Taylor - my most generous host on every American tour.




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